Landlords And Tenants

The firm is accepting new clients . . .

A new client consultation is required in most cases for all new clients. The consultation takes approximately one hour. Please call 303-685-4633 option 5 for more details and pricing.

Our firm specializes in both EVICTION and COLLECTION services for landlords and property management companies. The attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience in the apartment and community associations industry. The lawyers and staff of our firm are highly skilled and knowledgeable in these fields. Our firm’s goal is to provide you with prompt, effective, professional and affordable representation. This website is designed to inform you of our procedures. We hope that this information will help you to take full advantage of our legal services.

Our firm’s legal services are generally provided as a flat fee for evictions and as a contingent fee for collections. There is no charge for brief phone consultations before you serve an eviction notice. You will find it more cost-efficient and convenient to have BOTH eviction and collection business handled by the same office. Upon receipt of the required documents, your eviction cases are immediately rolled into collection cases to save you further filing and service fees. As a law office handling your collection cases, we are able to include attorney’s fees in the amount collected when we calculate the contingent fee to maximize your recovery.

We encourage all of our clients to call our office for advice before taking action in a case where you have questions regarding the legal ramifications.

We offer FREE SEMINARS on eviction and collection procedures to our property management clients, as well as speciality seminars on Fair housing and Bankruptcy related issues. Please call us to schedule a seminar for your next Manager’s meeting.


We look forward to being of service.