Community Associations/HOAs

Our HOA attorneys have been offering legal services to community associations/HOAs in Denver and beyond since 1997. We represent all types of condominium, townhome, and single family home associations and have experience with most of the issues your organization will face. In addition, our Firm offers a unique economic benefit in its assessment collection service. Please call or email our Associations department for additional information on these services.

Assessment Collection Services

When a homeowner fails to pay their regular or special assessments, the HOA is without the resources necessary for the maintenance and operation of the common property and is also faced with expending additional resources to pay attorney fees to collect the past due assessments. That is, unless your association has hired our firm, Springman, Braden, Wilson, and Pontius, P.C., to collect your past due assessments. Our HOA attorneys will collect our fees from your homeowner. Instead of writing a check each month to your lawyer when you are already short the past due assessments, you will only receive a bill from us under certain limited circumstances such as when the homeowner pays the association directly or the claim becomes uncollectable and we will bill you for costs.*

Our Firm has systems in place, refined over more than twenty years in business, to efficiently move your cases through the collections process. As the homeowner makes payments, after we recover our costs, the association gets half of each payment until the Firm recovers its reasonable attorney fees. After that, the association gets all the payments until the homeowner is current and we close our case. In most cases you never get a bill and never write us a check.**

General Counsel for Community Associations/HOAs

We have a great deal of experience with community association issues and we offer competitive hourly rates for:

  • document interpretation;
  • contract review;
  • drafting and revising governing documents, bylaws, and rules and regulations;
  • statutory compliance;
  • covenant enforcement;

and generally protecting the association and its Board of Directors from liability in the performance of its fiduciary duties. If we feel that a particular issue would best be addressed by an expert, we will happily refer you to one.

We would welcome the opportunity to explain what we do at your next board meeting.

*Please contact our office via e-mail for additional information on these services.

**This service is particularly valuable for single family associations with nominal annual assessments – call us and one of our attorneys will speak at your next Board meeting to explain.