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Fee Structure for Collection of HOA Fees and Fines

Collection of HOA Fees

Our collections attorneys handle Collection of Periodic Assessments/Dues on a “hybrid-contingent” basis. This means that if the Association documents allow the law firm to charge legal fees and costs as they are incurred, our firm charges the homeowner for such amounts and collects the HOA fees directly from the homeowner.

Fees for our HOA fee collections work are as follows: The Association is not billed on a monthly basis for such collection services, so long as the Association follows our collection policies (such as not accepting payments once a case is submitted for collection, following your collection policy, not communicating with the debtor, and advising our office of any pending bankruptcy or involvement of counsel, for example). As monies are collected from a homeowner, fronted costs are repaid first, and then the balance is split 50/50 until both the Association and the law firm are paid. This “hybrid contingent fee” program is distinct and superior to the “hourly fees” charged by other law firms and billed monthly. If your Association documents allow for adoption of such a program, the risk of uncollectible accounts is reduced. If, for example, a debtor files for bankruptcy and is discharged, the Association would not be liable to pay the accrued legal fees on the account. The Association also would not be billed monthly and would not be required to update the homeowner’s ledger for legal fees and costs each month. The law firm would be responsible for updating the account and providing payoffs to the homeowner in collection.

Collection of Fines

We handle Collection of Fines and other charges on an hourly basis.