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Our goal as collections attorneys is very simple: COLLECT AS MUCH MONEY FOR OUR CLIENTS AS POSSIBLE. In almost all collection cases submitted to our Denver and Colorado Springs offices, our collections attorneys will pursue each collection case you submit at no charge to you, unless we are successful in recovering money, in which case you get 60% of the collected amount after costs and we retain 40% for our efforts. If your lease has a valid provision for attorneys’ fees, we immediately begin to charge our fees to the debtor on top of the principal amount owed. By charging attorneys’ fees, we can substantially increase your rate of recovery.

After the reimbursement of actual costs (filing fees, process service, etc.), you will be paid 60% of the total amount collected, up to 100% of the original principal debt submitted. We will advance all the costs for each case and deduct them from proceeds; however, you remain ultimately liable for the costs as required by the Colorado Supreme Court. In accordance with our fee agreement, we do reserve the right to charge hourly fees and/or withdraw if a client requires special attention, a jury is requested, a counterclaim is filed, a case is transferred to District Court, or unique issues arise in a given case. Such hourly billing is unusual.


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